Getting To Us

Getting to us

Serving God at Emmanuel

The first thing we want to say is that God can use you for his glory no matter what your background or abilities are. Jesus delights to use unlikely people to make a difference. We're looking for people who simply love Jesus and want their lives to make a difference to others. We could always use more gifted musicians, youth workers etc etc, but what we're really looking for is heart and not gifting.

Jesus is going to grow his Church at Emmanuel, and his hands and feet and voice are going to be a team of ordinary people. We want to develop a team who are not only 100% red hot, all out for Jesus, but are also people with love and servanthood in their hearts for others. We want to add to our team those who are as willing to do unseen jobs like clean toilets as they are willing to do the more exciting jobs in the limelight. We want to love and serve the lost as well as the Church. We want to tell people in the best ways possible that Jesus can heal broken lives and he will do miracles to reach people for God.

If you want a challenging opportunity where you will see lives changed and miracles happen because of Jesus, then Emmanuel might be where God wants you to be. Talk to us, or visit one Sunday at 11am. (One day you might look back and remember that this was the day that God started speaking to you about moving to a little heard of area of Liverpool to join with Emmanuel Baptist Church in the wonderful vision God has given to reach out to a lost and hurting world).