Getting To Us

Getting to us

Need a Miracle

God has not changed since the Bible was written. He is still able to meet the deepest human needs and powerfully affect lives and situations, no matter how rough the situation may be.  Nothing is too difficult for him.

No matter what you are facing, God is able to help you.

If you know that nothing short of a miracle can help you then it is probably no accident that you have arrived at this page today. God wants to encourage you to look to him.

The impact on the world of Jesus' death and resurrection are just as strong today as 2000 years ago. He is able to help you when nobody else can. Jesus gives hope and help to ALL who turn to him. Ask Jesus to meet your deepest needs now. Trust him and thank him that he hears your prayer. Place your life and circumstances in his hands, because he can be trusted. He alone understands what you are facing, and he wants to meet you right now at your point of need.

If you would like to have someone from the church pray for you, please let us know. Like other Christians all over the world, we have ourselves experienced the power of Jesus, and we know he can help you too. God loves you. Don't be afraid. Jesus can help.

The greatest miracle of all is that you can know God because of Jesus.
It can happen today! Find out how.