Getting To Us

Getting to us

Want someone to Pray with You

Prayer makes a BIG difference. Miracles can happen when people pray. 
God demonstrates the power of the Gospel when people pray. Needs are met when people pray.

God has chosen to work through the prayers of ordinary people. He is not absent from the world (like some atheists suggest). In fact, if you don't yet know God, he wants to prove to you how powerful he is, and how much your life matters to him. Pray and ask him to help you find him now. He will. When you know that God is real, you will also know that everything the Bible says about Jesus is true.

At Emmanuel we have a prayer ministry available after all services, especially to pray for the sick. . Also, if you have an urgent prayer request, email it to us through the link below, and we will pray for God to answer you and help you. (There are three main prayer meetings every week at Emmanuel, and any prayer requests can be passed on to these meetings to pray for your situation. If you would like somone to visit you in your home and pray for you if you are not well, please let us know. God cares about you. You are not forgotten by him. You are never out of his thoughts. He wants to show his love and mercy to you, perhaps in ways that you do not expect. God can be trusted.