Getting To Us

Getting to us

Want to Know God

No matter what may be in your past, and no matter how you may feel about the present,
God wants to give you a great new hope and a great new beginning. He loves you a lot
more more than you know!

Some people may think that it takes a certain kind of person to find God. Well, the truth is that anyone can.
There is, though, a key to finding God. People try lots of ways, but there is only one in the end.
God kept it simple so that even a child could find him.
The key to it all is a person - Jesus, God's only Son.

God made it possible for people to know him through the life, death and raising to life
again of Jesus. Here is a list of just a few of the things that happen to someone
when they become a Christian:

God forgives the past.
God gives a place in heaven.
God gives a new relationship with himself.
God gives wholeness.
God gives love, hope, peace and joy.
God gives a new beginning.
God gives an awareness of belonging to him